Sunday, May 11, 2008

What I've Been Watching

During the last nine months or so while I laid off of writing on my blog, I spent part of that time taking in many of the new television shows for the 2007-2008 year. Many of them have already fallen by the wayside, though a few will be returning next year. Of those returning or likely to return, there are six new shows that I watched this year and will continue to watch in the Fall. I present my thoughts on those six in ascending order:

6. Pushing Daisies
This is one of those shows that people seem to either love or hate, so oddly I fall right in the middle. I like it, but am not enamored with it. Lee Pace is perfect as the lead character (The Pie Maker) who can bring people back to life with a touch -- although if he does so for more than sixty seconds, someone else will die. The relationship between he and his childhood sweetheart never really moved me. What I do like, though, is the curious juxtaposition between the look and tone of the show (vibrant colors, fantasy landscapes, lighthearted banter) and the very dark and serious themes of the show: death and forbidden love.

5. Back to You
I enjoy this sitcom a lot, although it is not as funny as it could be. 

4. Moonlight
This variation on Angel (good-guy vampire who does detective work) is nowhere near as good as that show. However, it does have promise. Unfortunately, it has gone through so many different show runners and creative teams that it doesn't seem to have figured out yet exactly what it wants to be.

3. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Good story and action, with the heavy dose of apocalyptic speculation always welcome, but it can also be too grim and serious. Needs to lighten up a bit.

2. The Big Bang Theory
Easily the best new sitcom. A hilarious and spot-on presentation of intellectual geekdom. I must admit that I tend to laugh and cringe at the same time when I watch it, because I often see little pieces of myself in Sheldon and Leonard.

1. Chuck
My favorite new show of the season. The interplay between Chuck's geek lifestyle and job at the Buy More and his budding life as a super spy is expertly played.

I'm looking forward to seeing where these shows take me in the Fall, as well as welcoming any other worthwhile newcomers into the fold (I can tell you right now that "Dollhouse" will be in the mix -- more on that later).


At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Bruce in RI said...

Is 30 Rock coming back? I assume not. Just saw 2 episodes on an airplane last week (which usually is the kiss of death). It had a "wack-job" factor that was right up there with "The Office" to me. Very weird and funny.

Also, any updates on 24?

At 11:17 PM, Blogger Greg said...

There is going to be a 2 hour "24" movie on in the Fall that is supposed to set up the season and then a full 24 episode season will kick off in January. Hopefully the extra time afforded them by the writer's strike will allow them to rectify the problems that crept into the last season.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger ~JR said...

That's funny that you should see a little of yourself in Sheldon and Leonard because I see a little of you when I watch that show too. ;)

At 2:10 AM, Blogger Stephanie Corp said...

i love "chuck" and thought i was the only one who watched it...glad to find out i am not the only one...


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